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Welcome to YorkshireNet!

YorkshireNet has been promoting Yorkshire tourism and business since 1995. It is an independent company whose income depends on its subscribers and the web services it provides.

YorkshireNet is based in Skipton, the 'gateway to the Dales'. In addition to promotion of tourism it offers web design services specialising in dynamic data driven websites. It offers domain registration and website hosting on its own web servers which are also based in Yorkshire, in Harrogate. It therefore provides a complete Yorkshire-based solution for businesses who wish to support a Yorkshire company.

YorkshireNet receives no public money for its tourist promotion activities, in contrast to others who are heavily subsidised from taxpayers through the non-elected Regional Development Agency.

Contact YorkshireNet

To book or enquire about accommodation
please contact the owner direct.

For enquires about YorkshireNet services
for accommodation providers or webhosting
please phone 01756 794488.


Mail: Bowers Wharf, Skipton, BD23 2PD

About YorkshireNet

YorkshireNet Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, registration number 03099879, with registered office Bowers Wharf, Skipton, BD23 2PD.

YorkshireNet has associated web businesses: Yorks.Net offers Internet access, web space and domain registration for Yorkshire business, Yorkshire Business Net is the Internet home of Yorkshire business.

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YorkshireNet takes every care to ensure that its own material is correct and appropriate. It disassociates itself from inaccurate or offensive information contained in material supplied by its agents or on sites reached by links from the YorkshireNet site. If you have any concerns please mail back your comments and we will do what we can to rectify the problem.
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