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The techniques used today for making traditional stained glass panels are basically unchanged from the middle ages.

From the agreed scale design a full size drawing (cartoon) is produced. This is used for cutting the shapes of glass. The panel is then built up on top of the cartoon. During assembly the glass and lead is held in place with horseshoe nails.

The lead used is milled and forms a ‘H’ in cross section. Different widths are used depending on the type of work being undertaken. When the panel is complete all lead joints are fluxed and soldered.


A work in progress

Underwater scene

Finally the panel is ‘cemented’ on both sides to weatherproof and add strength.

To achieve painted detail on clear or coloured glass special paint made up of ground glass and oxide pigments in powder form is mixed and applied to the glass using many different techniques.

The glass is then fired in the kiln, fusing the paint to the glass. Today most of the glass used is machine made, however it is still possible to obtain handmade glass. This tends to be used more in restoration projects.


Anotther picture of one of our torso pieces


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